Trademark Monitoring

Trademark monitoring is vital to any effective brand protection program. We provide comprehensive trademark monitoring and specialized watch packages in all jurisdictions.


Internet Monitoring

WHERE is your brand appearing and HOW is it being used? The Internet is just way to big to effectively police alone. Domain name registrations are at an all time high. Social Media is out of control. New websites seem

Domain Name Monitoring

Domain Name Monitoring

Watch those registrations! Domain names are a critical component of expanding and building your brand identity online. Effectively monitoring domain names is crucial for comprehensive global brand protection. It is the most effective way to protect your trademarks and your

Mobile Apps Watch

Mobile Apps Watch

Why watch an App? Who cares? With over 3 million Apps available for download to the estimated 7.9 billion mobile devices in use around the world today, it’s no wonder that Apps are one of the most popular ways information is

social media

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media is out of control. Social Media has become the most popular way for people and businesses to interact and has developed into a hotbed of brand protection issues, putting a greater obligation on brand owners to guard against

Marketplace Watch

Marketplace Watch

Who is selling your products online? Are they legitimate products? Are they grey market goods? Are they counterfeit? How do you keep track of your products that are being sold on eBay or other sites? How many products is a

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