eShop Watch is designed to uncover those retailers and smaller marketplaces which often operate under the radar yet are harmful to your brand. You know they exist but it’s too difficult and time-consuming to find and keep track of them. Let us do the work for you.

We use our industry-leading domain name database (over 300 million names) to identify sites that have a shopping cart; thus can sell products. Once we identify those sites, we continually monitor them for instances of your brand.

To date, we’ve identified and monitoring over 3 million online shopping sites. Our process is continuous, we spot more every day.

We bring you 3 eShop Watch options:

eShop BASE

Reports a sampling of newly published matching sales items from a particular website alerting you to a domain that is selling potentially infringing products.

Each hit is unique and each website is unique – we will not report the same website twice. This is called SINGLE NOTIFICATION.

WHY? Once a particular online retailer has been identified often there is no need for you to keep receiving reports on items for sale from that specific on-line shop. Therefore, we EXCLUDE that domain for future cycles providing you with the freshest and most relevant results to review.

eShop ALL IN

We report multiple matching sales items from identified retailers. Once an on-line retailer has been identified, the domain is NOT excluded from future cycles so you will continue to receive notification of items for sale from the potential infringer. The configuration is called MULTIPLE NOTIFICATION.

Each hit is unique: We will not report the same sales item from the same website twice.

eShop Mini-Markets

Mini-Markets are sites that sell items from multiple distinct sellers. eShop-MiniMarkets reports matching sales items from the smaller and medium sized independent auctions and marketplaces.

MiniMarkets features special monitoring conditions:
· The monitoring is more frequent
· Multiple Notification is applied so any new item that matches the criteria will continue to be reported

WHY? Items for sale on these sites are often posted by individual entities so it is possible that the same item which matches your criteria may be sold by different independent sellers at different times on the same site.
Sites that meet the mini-market criteria will be added periodically or upon request. Our initial list:

You can select eShop Mini-Markets as a Stand Alone service or an add-on service to eShop Base or eShop All-In Watch services.