How do you keep track of over 1 billion websites?

Enforcing your trademark rights on the Internet is overwhelming, to say the least. Trying to uncover uses of your brand that you find objectionable without looking at thousands of acceptable instances, is a tremendous undertaking —almost impossible.

Limiting that search to only recently launched sites or those that have the potential to divert revenue is even more relentless.

The solution – let us do the work for you.

Designed for trademark professionals by trademark professionals, our Internet Content Watch effectively identifies, categorizes, and prioritizes websites that you can take effective action against.

Sites are classified according to criteria you define (such as adult content, gambling, pay-per-click, unauthorized usage, etc…). Our proprietary monitoring technology crawls the web 24/7 in search of your brand name in the body of web pages or buried in the metadata and other meta content that might not be available to a casual user.

Searches are customized to meet your specific needs and all reports are filtered by our team of qualified analysts to minimize the amount of extraneous information you receive.

Protect your brand against cybersquatters, competitors, unauthorized distributors, and other trademark violators who can diminish and damage your brand and reputation.