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How do I use the main SEARCH box?

The main search box is a Full Text search of all the data in the system. 

The * operator is supported here to help you narrow your search. The search logic is as follows:

  1. Enter just YOURTERM (without the *) to find an exact match (standalone term)
  2. Enter *YOURTERM* to find matches that contain YOURTERM
  3. Enter YOURTERM* to find matches that start with YOURTERM
  4. Enter *YOURTERM to find matches that end with YOURTERM

HINT: Click the “…” icon within the top Search Box to open the ADVANCED search for more options and additional parameters. 

QUICK TIP: Want to search a specific field ONLY?

Use the column heading Search box to limit your search to just the column fields. The search logic here is STARTS WITH (PreFix) by default meaning enter just YOURTERM (without the *) to find matches that start with YOURTERM.

How do I use the main SEARCH box?
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