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How do I SEARCH?

In the main table view, based on the section that is active, there are 2 different ways to perform a search depending on what you are looking for.

  • Utilize the MAIN SEARCH BOX to perform a Full Text search of all data fields within the active section.
  • Utilize the COLUMN HEADING Search boxes to narrow your scope to JUST the data field in a particular column

The WildCard (* ) operator is supported and the SEARCH LOGIC is as follows:

  1. Enter just YOURTERM (without the *) to find matches that BEGIN with your term (prefix)
  2. Enter YOURTERM (without the *) and then a space to find EXACT MATCHES of your term
  3. Enter *YOURTERM* to find matches that CONTAIN your term 
  4. Enter *YOURTERM to find matches that END with YOURTERM (suffix)

HINT: Click the “…” icon within the Main Search Box to open the ADVANCED SEARCH for more options and additional parameters. 

How do I SEARCH?
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